Power Line Inspection Queensland

AIR CQ offers quality power line inspection for commercial power companies in Queensland to accurately assess the condition of power lines and transmission towers on large expanses of land in and around Central Queensland. Our licensed and experienced team can help you to inspect power lines and towers from an aerial perspective in order to identify damages and safety risks, prevent future problems, save money and plan for new network infrastructure to be built.

Our pilots have extensive low flying experience to ensure the most accurate line of sight inspections.

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Aerial Power Line Inspection

A power line inspection helps to provide invaluable insight into the condition and functionality of power lines and transmission towers to reduce risks, save on repair costs and improve their overall safety.


A powerline survey can help to:


Identify any physical damage to network infrastructure


Provide an aerial view of the land for mapping purposes and to check distances between towers and surrounding environment


Plan the installation of new network infrastructure routes before construction begins

We offer a fast, professional and convenient way to conduct your power line inspections in Emerald and surrounding regional areas. Our highly experienced pilots are able to conduct surveys in 100 km+ sections for a safe and detailed assessment of power lines and transmission towers with no disruption to operations.

Pipeline Survey

AIR CQ also offers professional pipeline inspection services for rural landowners living in and around Emerald. A pipeline survey is an essential service that should be conducted regularly in order to monitor the area surrounding installed pipelines to look for flooding or other indicators of damage and determine if any repairs, maintenance or replacement work is needed. A pipeline inspection can also be used to visually assess land before installing new pipelines to prevent issues such as cross boring.

Similarly to our commercial powerline inspection services, we identify there is line of sight between two markers, and our experienced pilots fly low to the ground over stretches of 100km to identify any areas that require clean up or further attention.

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Why Choose AIR CQ For Power Line Inspection In Queensland?


Thorough Results

We conduct our power line and pipeline surveys in 100 nanometre sections meaning you get incredibly thorough results where no detail is missed.

Visual Assessment

At AIR CQ, we rely solely on our eyes and our planes to conduct our inspections without the need for technology.

Highly Experienced Pilots

Our team consists of qualified pilots who excel at low level flying – 1 to 3 metres above ground – avoiding power lines and obstacles. Our years of experience and countless hours in the air means we know exactly how to get you the results you need.

Reliable Aircraft

With a 14 seat Cessna Caravan and a 6 seat Bonanza, our aircraft are suitably equipped to cross large expanses of land in a very short amount of time, making them the quickest and most reliable way to gather extensive data and information.

The Smart Way To Conduct Power Line Surveys In Queensland

For fast, cost-efficient and highly accurate pipeline and power line inspection in Queensland, give AIR CQ a call today. Our team has all of your aerial solutions covered and can help you get the job done the smart and simple way!