Aerial Surveys Queensland

AIR CQ offers fast, affordable and flexible aerial surveys in Queensland for residents and companies needing a thorough evaluation of their land from an aerial perspective.

Based in Emerald and servicing surrounding regional areas, we make it easy to collect the information you need with reliable aircraft and a highly experienced flying team.

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What Are The Advantages Of Aerial Surveys And Spotting?

Save Time

Aerial surveys are the quickest way to get a complete aerial view of a large expanse of land in a very short amount of time.


No Interruption

Aerial survey companies offer a cost-effective solution to gathering information and data without disrupting or delaying any ground work.

Highly Accurate

Aerial surveys enable you to gather reliable and accurate information by utilising lightweight aircraft flying at low level so you can get all of the details you need for a thorough assessment.

Aerial Surveys

Our aerial surveys allow you to quickly assess large blocks of rural land to record detailed and accurate data for your needs in a short amount of time. Whether you need to explore a new hectare farm pre-purchase or survey an existing property, we can provide you with aerial solutions that are fast and convenient.

Aerial surveys can be used for many reasons, including:


Identifying what percentage of land might have difficult-to-control noxious weeds, such as Parthenium and giant rat’s tail grass


Determining if land needs to be seeded


Geo-environmental sampling




Project planning and more

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Aerial Spotting

Our C-208 aircraft provides a reliable, stable platform for air attack, piloted by experienced bomber pilots from AIR CQ. We have the capability to quickly move nine officers and their gear to the next area to be worked which significantly cuts down on the logistics of each trip.

Aerial spotting is used for a wide range of causes, such as:


Observing damage caused by natural disasters, including floods and fires


Helping farmers recover missing livestock


Locating fauna


Monitoring wildlife numbers, including counting turtles and dugong numbers and identifying tracking patterns

Our aerial spotting services are used by media and parks services, as well as landowners, as an important resource in emergency situations.

Why Choose AIR CQ For Aerial Surveys & Spotting In Queensland?

Personalised Service

We don’t use UAVs (drones) to carry out our aerial surveys and aerial spotting services. Instead, we work closely with you to find solutions that meet your individual needs before taking you up into the air with us so you can see exactly what you need to see. All of our work is done using our eyes and the plane, with no special technologies required. We do all of our surveys visually with acute attention to detail so a comprehensive assessment can be made.

Low Level Flying Expertise

Our countless hours of low level flying time have made us unrivalled experts in the field of aerial surveys. Our team of highly skilled and capable pilots have exceptional low flying skills and regularly navigate our planes 1-3 metres off the ground with ease, avoiding powerlines and other obstacles.

State-Of-The Art Aircraft

Our 14 seat Cessna Caravan and 6 seat Bonanza combines a lightweight design with powerful performance and durability. They’re able to easily manoeuvre around difficult terrain and cross large expanses of land quickly and safely.

We’ve Got Your Aerial Survey Solutions Covered

AIR CQ is the most trusted name in the industry for professional aerial surveys in Queensland. Give our team a call today to make a booking or to find out more information.